Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II


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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

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About the Salesforce Platform Developer II Credential

The Salesforce Platform Developer II program is designed for individuals who would like to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in advanced programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform and data modeling to develop complex business logic and interfaces. The candidate can design, develop, test, and deploy programmatic solutions that are maintainable, reusable, and follow design patterns and object-oriented programming best practices.

The Salesforce Platform Developer I credential is a prerequisite for the program.

Audience Description: Salesforce Platform Developer II

The Salesforce Platform Developer II program is intended for an individual who has experience developing custom applications on the Lightning Platform, including practical application of the skills and concepts noted in the exam objectives below.

The Salesforce Platform Developer II generally has two to four years of experience as a developer, including at least one year of design, implementation, and deployment experience on the Lightning Platform.

The Salesforce Platform Developer II candidate has the experience, skills, and knowledge outlined below.

  • Understands the principles and best practices of Salesforce data modeling, interface design, code development, and testing, and can apply these principles in real-world development environments.

  • Is capable of defining appropriate solutions to meet specific business challenges/process requirements to extend/customize the platform by applying knowledge of declarative and programmatic features of the Lightning Platform.

  • Is competent in developing Apex code that will scale to large data sets and has a good understanding of platform behaviors, limits, and performance considerations.

  • Can build custom user interfaces to display and interact with Salesforce data using Lightning Web Components and Aura Components, advanced Visualforce, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Is competent in tuning Visualforce pages and understands performance implications of the controller design.

  • Understands and applies best practices for general web and Salesforce-specific security concerns.

  • Can design and implement complex sharing models using declarative and programmatic methods.

  • Can design and implement a test plan that ensures adequate quality (for example; code coverage, application behaviors, scalability, environment independence, security) across application components.

  • Can deploy custom applications, has a broad understanding of the Salesforce development lifecycle, understands deployment tools, and knows when to apply each tool.

  • Understands and can implement Apex SOAP and REST web services, and how to call out from Apex using SOAP and REST.

  • Understands and uses asynchronous programming – queueable, batchable, schedulable, @future, etc.

  • Understands and applies appropriate techniques for error and exception handling in various programmatic contexts.

  • Implements best practices for trigger development and design patterns, other business logic development, and re-use.

  • Knows how to surface Lightning Web Components and Aura Components on a Lightning page, Visualforce page, and with Quick Actions.
  • Understands implications when handling larger volumes of data (approximately 300,000 to 480,000 records).
  • Has knowledge of Jest testing for Lightning web components.

Purpose of this Exam Guide

This exam guide is designed to help you evaluate if you are ready to successfully complete the Salesforce Platform Developer II program. This guide provides information about the target audience for the certification program, recommended training and documentation, and a complete list of exam objectives—all with the intent of helping you achieve a passing score. Salesforce highly recommends a combination of on-the-job experience, course attendance, and self-study to maximize your chances of passing the exam.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II